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 UFA Period 2

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PostSubject: UFA Period 2   August 23rd 2008, 11:51 am

The UFA (unrestricted free agent) Rules Are:

- The limit of points you have is 100

- You CAN NOT trade your UFA points
- When you bid a certain amount of points, you then lose those points only if you win that player.
(Example) If you bid 5 points on a player, but some one else bids over you and wins, still have 100 points.
- The minimum bid is 3 points.
- When the bidding gets to 10 points, you must increase your bid by 2
(Example) I bid 10 points on a LT, the next person must bid 12.
- Teams CAN NOT retract a bid. If a bid is placed you cannot pull out of that current bid
- Teams CAN NOT go back and edit their previous bids. A new bid/post must be created. If we see this your edited bid will be deleted and you will be punished further.
- How many years you give your player:
3-10 Points= 1 or 2 years
11-25 Points= 3 or 4 years
26+ Points= 5+ years
- *New Rule* Once a FA mod has posted you have won the bid, you have 24 hours from that point to state how many years you want, and post in both of the signing threads or you will lose your bid on that player... if your bid is the only one, the bidding will reopen after 24 hours. Also, if you don't post the years which you wanted on the guys in 24 hrs, you will be charged a penalty of half the points of your bid...

Any Questions, PM Me or Nerd85
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UFA Period 2
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