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 UFA Period 1

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PostSubject: UFA Period 1   August 23rd 2008, 11:50 am

-You get as many points as ten times your losses. For example, the Dolphins get 150 points, Redskins get 70 points, Patriots get none, etc.

- You CAN NOT trade your UFA points
- When you bid a certain amount of points, you then lose those points only if you win that player.
(Example) If you bid 5 points on a player, but some one else bids over you and wins, still have 100 points.
- The minimum bid is 3 points.
- When the bidding gets to 10 points, you must increase your bid by 2
(Example) I bid 10 points on a LT, the next person must bid 12.
- Teams CAN NOT retract a bid. If a bid is placed you cannot pull out of that current bid
- Teams CAN NOT go back and edit their previous bids. A new bid/post must be created. If we see this your edited bid will be deleted and you will be punished further.
- How many years you give your player:
3-10 Points= <3 years
11-20 Points= <4 years
20-35 Points= <5 years
35-50= <6 years
50+ = any # of years

Any Questions, PM Me or Nerd85
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UFA Period 1
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